Conflict Management Program

In life and work, conflict is difficult to avoid, and for many, difficult to work through and/or successfully resolve. By understanding the motivations behind our responses to conflict and how we manage it, we can minimize the negative effects it has in our lives and in the workplace. Decode Greatness incorporates Certified Coaching Federation techniques, John Maxwell Leadership Development techniques, Personality Dimensions® Assessment as well as other material and techniques. The Conflict Management Program offers practical solutions to help recognize and adjust to the diverse ways others will experience, manage, and seek to resolve conflict.

• 1 hour intake/coaching for individual or team members
• 4 hour in house training/course to learn and identify conflict management styles and create a more harmonious workplace environment.
• 3-6 coaching session for individuals or team members
• 1-2 group coaching session within 30 days of course

• Conflict Management/Team Development monthly mastermind sessions 3-8 consecutive months

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