Products and Services

Decode Greatness offers comprehensive coaching and assessment programs for a variety of personal and business situations allowing for enhanced personal, professional, and business growth. Elizabeth has taken her years of business experiences along with universalizing all the information that she has studied, read and experienced to develop these programs.


Conflict Management Program

In life and work, conflict is difficult to avoid, and for many, difficult to work through and/or successfully resolve. By understanding the motivations behind our responses to conflict and how we manage it, we can minimize the negative effects it has in our lives and in the workplace. This program offers practical solutions to help recognize and adjust to the diverse ways others will experience, manage, and seek to resolve conflict.



Leadership Development Program

Understanding and fostering leadership roles in the workplace is fundamental to the success of any organization. Your success has a direct correlation to your leadership capabilities and your personal development. This program helps leaders: identify their work styles and preferences; communicate more effectively with subordinates, peers, and customers; motivate team members to achieve extraordinary results and facilitate organizational change.



Team Building Program

Every day, in some way, we are part of a team. Participants learn to adjust their style of communicating to be better heard by diverse teammates, improving efficiency and minimizing unproductive conflict. The workshop and group coaching gives the opportunity for team members to openly discuss their needs, expectations, motivators, and potential challenges. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of what individuals will contribute to the team and how synergies can make the team’s results greater than the sum of individual contributions.



Personal Clarity Program

Many people identify searching for clarity in life and finding work-life harmony as their top problems in today’s busy world. Whether juggling a new career and a young family, supporting aging parents, engaging in professional development, or managing some other combination of challenging roles, the demands and pressures can be great. When you understand your authentic self, you will bring clarity to your entire life. By developing yourself, you gain a sense of purpose, which allows you to experience more harmony and personal fulfillment.