I came to Decode Greatness, Elizabeth out of curiosity and left with a suitcase full of tools, new energy, improved relationships and clarity about my business and my life I did not even know I was seeking. This has been a great life's lesson: my openness, willingness to learn from other and my curiosity led me to the right place at the right time. I am ready for a new chapter!

Claire Belanger-Parker,
CNT Management Group

Elizabeth did a seminar for my small law firm. I an all-female firm, we were struggling with some personality conflicts. Elizabeth Training helped us to understand the different personalities; and thus, to understand each other better. Our workplace is now working more harmoniously 

Ruth Pradzynski,A.R.E. Law

I have found Elizabeth's skills, knowledge and training programs to be very professional and she has been instrumental in developing the leadership skills of staff, working with Council on leading their community and significantly improving the communication between staff and between staff and council. I would recommend Elizabeth for any organization wanting to improve the leadership and communication skills of their staff or their leaders.

Ken Kolb,
Town Manager, White City

Elizabeth is approachable, insightful and professional. I have always felt supported and challenged to think outside my own experiences. I was pushed to exceed my goals and to elevate my standards for achievement. Elizabeth guided my planning through exercises, approaches, tools and routines. Elizabeth's mentorship allowed me to apply insightful and practical theory to my day to day both at work and at home. Elizabeth's coaching allowed me to thrive in times of change and achieve goals in a time frame I did not think was possible.

Anastasia Zubrycky 

Elizabeth has a very comprehensive program. Although she starts by having you complete a exercise similar to what one may believe is "just like every other coach on the plant," the exercise is a fantastic springboard. Her coaching has helped re-energize, motivate, and inspire my company. I believe it will take us to the next level and has helped refocus our business. I believe there's benefits to this information in both workplace and personal relationships.

 Brad Zakreski BAdmin.

Elizabeth is incredibly passionate about helping her clients achieve a long success so they are better equipped to manage judgment, and conflict and develop their leadership mastery. She is truly an expert in her field, and her coaching is second to none. Working with her has been so amazing - Myself and the team have loved helping Elizabeth build her business. She not only listens but implements all feedback, recommendations and strategies. 

Sarah Cray

If you are someone who struggles with communicating with other people, if you carry past failures with you in your day-to-day endeavours or your past short comings are holding you back I think this course would provide great strategies to overcome any of those challenges and move forward

Dereck Pereira
HR Manager

It has been quite a journey. Clarity has been the greatest gift. I had a fairly clear path before I started working with Elizabeth, let's say she helped me cut out the weeds, the branches and a few big logs out of the way.


Elizabeth's educated understanding of the various personality types and how they interact with each other both positively and negatively is knowledge i believe any employer would want to have so as to be able to more effectively communicate with all of their employees and ensure that each employee is in a position to thrive. This will lead to greater employee satisfaction and retention thereby driving cost savings both financially and emotionally.

Whether you are an employer wondering if you have the right people in the right positions or are preparing for growth and would benefit from assistance in getting the proper structures in place to facilitate the growth, I highly recommend Elizabeth at Decode Greatness. 

Andrea Kerr, B. Ed
Private Wealth Advisor

Decode Greatness sets itself apart from other coaches and consultants by taking you on a journey - nay, an adventure! - of enlightenment, analysis, and potential, rooted in real-world truth and balance. I was expecting a canned program that might have the occasional "oh that's interesting" but nothing revolutionary. However, my experience was/is nothing of the sort. From the onset, I was presented with a solid base of understanding of myself, my team, my clients, and people in general. As we progress with every custom-tailored, insightful meeting, I get asked pointed questions that challenge me and make my company stronger. My weaknesses are not looked down on but rather tempered into strengths. My company's success is seen as a mutual investment with a true professional and master of the field. The name is exactly what you can expect to experience. I do not hesitate to give the highest possible recommendation to anyone of any position or point in their life to employ the services of Decode Greatness.

Scott Carson, B.Sc.
Storm Applied Technologies